How To Fix Bad System Config Info Windows 10

In the ever-growing world of digitalization, it is indeed essential that you undertake appropriate measures to ensure your security. Therefore, it is quite obvious to avail all that is necessary to protect your digital experience. Keeping your safety in mind we shall discuss the effective ways to fix bad system config info Windows 10

Brief Overview of the Problem

Windows 10 bad system config info error may be a boot file error or a registry error. Whatever it may be, such an error can cause potential damage to your system. If neglected, the error might lead to a failure in your PC  to boot or BSOD. Moreover, STOP errors which are also termed Blue Screen of Death errors are undoubtedly one of the most severe problems on Windows 10. These errors are caused by incorrect system settings. However, with the recent technological advancement, issues can be addressed quite easily. Therefore if you are wondering how to fix Bad System Config Info Windows 10, we offer you with relevant instructions well as information concerning your problem.

Potential causes behind the glitch

Bad system config info error is likely to occur due to many critical factors. Before we move on to the solutions. Let us see the potential causes as well as the types of complications that you are likely to run into because of the glitch.

  1. Bad System Config Info Registry: You are likely to face such an error in case there are problems in your registry such as registry corruption.
  2. Bad System Config Info On Boot: You are likely to face this error as soon as your PC boots.
  3. Blue Screen of Death Bad System Config Info:   Such an error is usually caused by a faulty driver or a defective hardware.
  4. Bad System Config Info After Update: The error message generally occurs after installation of an important update.
  5. Bad System Config Info Hard drive, HDD: The error occurs due to a hardware failure.
  6. Bad System Config Loop: This happens when your computer faces a reboot loop problem. Your computer will be unable to boot at all due to this error.

Troubleshoot  Windows 10 Bad System Config Info error

In case you face such an error, no need to panic. You need to follow the instructions given below to fix the error.  You need to boot into the safe mode. Once you do that, the rest is pretty easy and you can do it all within a CMD Window.  Listed below are the steps that you can follow.

Method 1: Boot Into Safe mode

  • Click on Windows Start Button and then press the power button
  • Next, press the Shift key and then click on Restart. Once you do this your PC will boot into the Safe Mode.
  • Once you finish this, boot once again into the normal mode.

Following these steps can resolve the error. In case this doesn’t work try the next method.

Method 2: Alternative Wayout To Boot Into Safe Mode

  • You can boot from the installation media and choose ‘troubleshoot’ in place of install.
  • You can also consider using Windows System Restore. This will help you to rebuild your system.

Other Alternative  Measures

In case none of the solutions work, we have alternative solutions for you. Follow the instructions cited below.

  • Retry boot removing power from your PC
  • Remove the power once again and allow your system to boot
  • You can also wait for your PC to prepare Automatic Repair diagnosing the issue.
  • Next, choose Advanced Option when a blue screen occurs
  • Select Troubleshoot, Advanced Option as well as Command Prompt.
  • Type cd c:\windows\system32\config’ and press Enter.
  • Paste ‘MD backup’ and click on Enter.
  • Type copy *_* backup’ and press Enter. Wit for the file copy to finish.
  • Type ‘CD regback’ and click on Enter. Once you do this, you will find some files which include software system, Default, and Security.
  • Once you do this, type  ‘copy *_* ..’ and select  Enter.
  • Following this, you need to confirm ‘copy’. To do so, type ‘a’ and click on Enter
  • Then reboot your PC

Effective Strategies To Resolve Other PC Errors

You can also avail other strategies to fix other errors. Cited below are some strategies that you can adapt to stop code bad system config info windows 10

  1. Download the PC Scan & Repair Tool
  2. Press on Start Scan  to detect the potential Windows Issue that can cause BSOD errors in Windows 10
  3. Click on Start Repair to troubleshoot all problems.

Proactive DIY Solutions

Solution 1: Update Your Drivers:

Incompatible or outdated drivers can lead to many problems. Moreover, if your drivers are dysfunctional or defective, then you will not be able to use certain hardware. The worst part is under such cases you are likely to face a Bad System Config  Info Error. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to update your drivers in order to curtail such risks. You need to ensure that all components are updated with the latest drivers. Downloading and installation is a fairly easy process. however, if you are doing it manually, we recommend that you to download TweakBIT Driver Updater Tool.

Solution 2: Apply Bcdedit Command

Windows bad system config info can occur in case your system configuration is incorrect and the memory in the configuration file does not match properly.  Under such cases, you will not be able to access to Windows 10 in a secure way. However, you can troubleshoot the glitch by restarting your operating system. You can activate Automatic Repair. Choose Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – Command Prompt. Once the Command Prompt activates , follow the line- bcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc –  bcdedit/deletevalue {default} truncatememory. Once you finish, close the Command Prompt and try to reboot Windows 10 once more.

Solution 3: Fix The BCD file

You are likely to stop code bad system config info windows 10 by fixing the BCD file. The error occurs in case your BCd file is damaged or corrupted. In such a case, you cannot access Windows 10 in safe mode at all. However, in order to carry out the procedure, you will require a USB flash drive with Windows 10 or at least a Windows 10 installation DVD.  You can also create a USB flash drive quite easily. Follow the steps cited below:

  1. Put in the bootable USB flash or DVD and boot your system from it
  2. You will see that the Windows 10 set up will start. Next, you need to press on ‘Repair Your Computer’.
  3. Following this choose  ‘Troubleshoot’- ‘Advanced Options’ – ‘Command Prompt’. Then follow the lines pressing Enter after each line: bootrec /repair bcd- bootrec /osscan- bootrec /repair mbr.  After you finish,don’t forget to turn off the Command Prompt.

Concluding Remark

Such error codes are also called windows 10 stop code bad system config info and are potentially harmful to your system. However, with the strategies we have mentioned in this article, you can fix the glitch quite easily. So do not wait further, follow the steps and fix Bad System Config Info Windows 10 at the earliest. Stay safe and protected.