Know How To Fix iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode

iPhone is a flagship product of Apple. However, like other devices, it also has some issues and the iPhone getting stuck in recovery mode being one of them. In this context, we will discuss the causes and the ways to fix iPhone freezing issues. So if you are willing to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode, read the article carefully and solve the problem on your own.

Four Reasons To Face iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode

There are a few reasons behind this particular problem. Check if you are encountering anyone from them.

If you have deliberately activated recovery mode for a personal purpose, then you can have your iPhone stuck in recovery mode. Avoid enabling recovery mode if it is not so urgent.

Similarly, jailbreaking your iPhone can also be responsible for this error. Do not try to jailbreak your iPhone unnecessarily, because if any mistake is caused during the jailbreak, it can result in an anomaly.

Other reasons include the factory reset of the iPhone. Factory reset refers to rollbacking your device to the factory settings.

It is also possible to encounter this problem while trying to update your iOS. Most Apple users upgrade their iPhones to the latest version as soon the updates are released from the manufacturers. For that reason, you may wish to know how to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode.

So now that we have seen the reasons for encountering such error, we will dive into the solutions for the same.

Suggested Solutions For iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode

iPhone freezing issues can be ruthless, and you may be unable to cope up with it if you do not take proper guidance. In this context, we shall look at the countermeasures that you can choose to get rid of such problems altogether.

Method 1: Solve The Issue Without A Computer

Tap and hold the power and home button together for about 10-15 seconds. Release the button as soon as the Apple symbol appears. If you are using iPhone 7 then instead of pressing the home button, hold the volume down button. And if you are using iPhone 8 or other high-end mobile, then press and hold the Volume Up key.

Method 2: Solve The Issue With iTunes

This method is not suitable for all as it can erase all your personal information. Hence, reset your device back to the factory settings.

Go to the Apple official website. Check the iTunes version of your device and download the same. Select Run when the download has been finished and hit the Next button. Follow the instructions and click Next. Connect the iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Start the recovery manually.

Once the iPhone finishes the recovery process, it will restart automatically.

These are the solutions that you can apply and fix the iPhone freezing in recovery mode issue.

Ways To Avoid ‘iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode’ Error

To avoid the problem in the near future, we have listed a few points that you need to take care of.

Avoid Jailbreaking iPhone By Yourself

Try not to jailbreak your iPhone on your own. This can lead to a serious issue other than iPhone freezing error.

Be Careful When You Update Your iOS

It is better to take help from an expert when you are updating your iOS version if you are not that tech-savvy. And if you are updating the iOS by yourself then make sure that you have a strong network connection while performing so.


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