Learn What To Do If Windows 10 Search Bar Not Working

Previously, it was simple and easy when the Windows devices only supported the Windows Start menu and there was no option named as Windows search bar. Furthermore, the devices weren’t made of billions of system activities which would provide a negative impact on the normal functioning of the device. However, the newer Windows models have come up with the facility of search bar which at times seems to malfunction, especially in Windows 10 systems.

As a result, this alert brings about all types of issues relating to Cortana virtual assistant. If you are also struggling with the same issue with your device, then help yourself with the below-given workarounds.

Solutions To Fix Search Bar In Windows 10

This segment contains the ultimate set of resolutions that can recover the proper working/functioning of the Windows 10 search bar.

Use Windows 10 Troubleshooter

You can easily implement this procedure by using the inbuilt tools of Windows 10. You can expect a super-quick remedy, so it is better to try out once.

Visit the Control Panel by tapping on the Start menu. Then move down to the option of the Windows System folder. Then navigate to the Troubleshooting section and further click on System and Security. Find the Search and Indexing item from that and hit Next to continue.

After that, ensure to enable the item which is applicable to “Files won’t appear in search output“, even if the search bar is working just fine on your PC. Finally, tap on Next to execute the system scan. Doing this will resolve all the search bar related issues on its own.

Configure Firewall And Deactivate Third-Party Antivirus

It is not always advisable to disable the third-party security application. However, sometimes depending upon the error level of the search bar, it is better to deactivate the third-party program(antivirus) by enabling the Windows Firewall. This action may even protect the Windows from certain malicious files which can be responsible for search bar not working issue.

Therefore, it is better not to take the risk of using any such security applications and configure Firewall on your Windows 10 device. In most cases, the latter alternative has served the best in eradicating the search bar issue without much hassle.

On the other hand, Windows Defender has helped the Windows 10 users to a considerable extent to fix the system search bar.

Reboot Windows Explorer

It is another such resolution that is the safest and easiest of all. Simply, go for booting your PC just after shutting it down. In case your PC fails in this process, try another similar trick of restarting the Windows Explorer.

Sometimes, unorganized system files(library files) can hamper the Windows 10 OS and you may find the system search bar non-functional. So, make sure to start the Windows Explorer once again and check if the search bar is working or not.

Just, tap and hold on to Ctrl, Shift and Esc key simultaneously. It is a shortcut trick which will directly open the Task Manager. Then click on More Details that is present at the bottom left side of Task Manager window. If it hasn’t been chosen previously, then move down to Windows Explorer and open the same by a right-click.

Next, hit on Restart, then re-check if the system is free from the search bar issue or not.

Reboot Cortana Process

Sometimes, it is the Cortana virtual assistant which affects the normal working of the Start menu search bar. If it is exactly the same with your PC as well, then try to restart the Cortana process with the following instructions and check if it is useful or not:

Click on the Toolbars to go to Task Manager. As soon as the Task Manager opens, search for the Cortana process from the Processes section. Then tap on the section saying End Task.

The above step will accordingly reboot the Cortana process and will resolve all the problems associated with the Windows 10 search menu.

Further Register Cortana

If the system fails to reboot the Cortana process successfully, register the Cortana process once again. This action will most likely fix the search bar issue in the Windows 10 device.

To do that:

Go to Start menu and tap on Windows Explorer Files. The move to fil location as given below: Windows/System/WindowsPowershell. Finally, tap on the EXE file of PowerShell to run it as an administrator.

Well, these are some of the feasible solutions that can definitely assist you in recovering search bar not working alert at the earliest.

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