Fix Youtube Not Working On Chrome With Some Quick Hacks

YouTube is a video-sharing website that contributes to an array of features from the latest music videos to everything that is trending. Choose Chrome browser and access YouTube uninterruptedly. This browser has everything you expect to get out of the web, along with safe browsing, to defend your system from malicious sites. However, Chrome users often run into few real-time issues such as site loading problem, the page stays blank or abruptly Chrome freeze or crash.  If your Youtube not working on Chrome and you are unable to access YouTube, then go through this article.

Step-By-Step Fixes For YouTube Not Working On Chrome Error

There can be a specific technical glitch. Whatever be the reason the most important part is to mitigate the error at the earliest.

Follow the quick hacks that can help you on the go.

Fix 1: Update Operating System

There can be a possibility, that if you are using an out of date device version to access YouTube, then it can lead to Youtube not working on Chrome. Besides this, it can also block YouTube and make it inaccessible. Updating the device can fix any unexpected problem.

To initiate the update process, go to the settings menu and select System Updates option. Check for compatibility and download the available updates. You also need to Set the location, where you want to save the recent files.

Once the download process gets accomplished, click on the Install button. Now, wait till the process completes. Reboot your device and verify if you can open YouTube. Check if the problem still persists, then proceed to the next alternative.

Fix 2: Check Your Date And Time Settings

Often, the date and time settings can be the root of your YouTube-associated concerns. The server may have trouble syncing your browser if the date and time are inaccurate.

To fix this, start by launching the settings of your device and then click on the Date And time option. Tick the box next to Automatic date And time list to turn it on.

Fix 3: Update Chrome browser

An out-of-date browser can conflict with the applications files and prevent it from operating accurately. The underlying reason is that old browser versions are unable to deal with the speed or recent security measures effectively.

You can fix the query by updating it to the current version. To update, open Google Chrome from your device. Navigate through the menu and then go to Settings. Now, click on the ‘About Google’ and look for recently available updates. Check if it is compatible with your device and then hit Install. Wait till the installation process completes and then reboot your system.

Fix 4: Clear Cache And Cookies From Chrome

Every time you access the web pages, temporary files, in the form of Browsing History, Caches, and Cookies, get stored in your device. This temporary information file helps you to serve data faster. But often, it may interfere with the working of YouTube.

Eradicate YouTube not loading properly Chrome by just clearing your Chrome Browser Cache and Cookies.  To clear navigate through, open Chrome > Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Clear Browsing Data > Empty Cache Or Delete Cookies.

Alternatively, you can go to Home Folder and then to Library option. There select the Application Support and proceed to Google on your computer hard drive. Lastly, delete the Chrome folder.

Fix 5: Disable Browser Plugins To Fix File Conflict

Another point of concern is that might be a reason behind YouTube not functioning correctly is plugins conflict. If you have installed, two Flash plugins by mistake, one for the system and the other for the browser, then they can conflict with each other.

Mitigate the problem, by entering the about as “plugins” on your Chrome browser. Then, scroll down to flash plugins. Open the Flash plugin folder and tick the disable option for the browser plugin. Reboot your device to save the recent changes and then start Chrome.

Fix 6: Check Chrome Adobe Flash Player

Adobe flash player is the essential requirement for streaming most YouTube videos, appropriately. If your system is lacking this vital application, then it can hinder YouTube functioning.

For a precise performance of Adobe flash player on Chrome to play  YouTube videos effectively install it. Otherwise, if you are using an outdated version, then you need to update it.

You need to ensure that the installations are accomplished appropriately. Often, missing data of Adobe Flash player after faulty installation can also lead to YouTube not loading on Chrome.

Fix 7: Test And Reset Internet Connectivity

Check if you are using a stable and secure internet connection. Disconnect the network you are using and switch off your device. Now rest the link by below-mentioned steps.

Unplug your modem as well as the wireless router. Wait for about 5-10 minutes and then plug in your modem. Wait until all the lights stop flashing. Secure the cables and plug the router back in. Now, turn on your computer, go to YouTube and try playing your video.

This article must be enough to help you fix  YouTube Not Working On Chrome error and additionally will help you to prevent going through the same hassle in future. You can share your views in the comment section.