iPad Is Disabled Connect To iTunes- Know The Incredible Hacks

iTunes is used to run audio and video and also other types of media available on the iTunes Store. The inbuilt iTunes Store is available in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Through the iTunes Store, users can purchase and download music, videos, podcasts, movies. But sometimes users are confronted with the issue regarding iPad is disabled connect to iTunes.

The error with a disabled device is that you will not able to type the password, even if you remember it suddenly. If you are permanently disabled, you must wait for some time or connect to iTunes, iPad or iPod Touch iTunes. If the connection is poor or if you have forgotten your password, then you will not able to connect iTunes with the iPad. Here are a few tips to unlock that device without losing valuable information.

In case, if you are facing the same issue then go through the entire article. Here you can find suitable tricks to resolve the glitches.

Possible Solutions For iPad Is Disabled Connect To iTunes

This issue is not a very new problem for users. As we have received a large number of complaint about this issue. However, there are many fixes to counter the issue on your own. In that case, professional advice can bring the desired change.

Method 1.Try to back up iOS device in iTunes

This first method you need to try is unlocking the disabled iPad. First, connect your iPad with your computer by a USB and start iTunes. Next, In the top right-side corner, choose the option ‘Device” to display the properties on the screen.

Now, to begin sync, tap on the option “Back Up Now” button. If the device is secured, you may be required to enter the password on your iOS device to start syncing. While putting the password, you should discard the backup and start using your device.

Method 2. Restore the device utilizing iTunes and a previous backup

If the backup does not work, you may need to reset the password by restoring the device. For recovering your device and reinstalling your backup go through the following steps and fix the issue.

First of all, attach the device to the computer and start iTunes. If the device is still disabled then sync the device with iTunes by clicking the “Back Up Now” button. After completing the sync and backup, restore the device again. Select the option “Restore from iTunes backup” while the iOS Setup Assistant requires to fix your device.

Now, choose your device in iTunes and tap on the up-to-date backup available on your device.

Keep waiting patiently for some moments while the restore finishes its procedure. When done, you should have all your documents including photos, emails, and settings in place and the device will not be disabled for any longer.

Method 3. Restore the device using recovery mode and reset the password

If you have never connected an iOS device to any PC, you will require to fix the device in the recovery method. Also, restore it to remove the device. In case, if you do not have iCloud backup, then you will end up losing all your data using this method.

  • First, separate the USB cable from the device.
  • Then, switch off the device by pressing and holding the Sleep button for some moments. When the red slider rises, then slide the slider And wait till the device shuts down.
  • After that, reconnect the USB cable to the device while holding down the Home button. Now, you can see that the device will turn on.
  • Until you notice the Connect to iTunes, keep pressing the Home switch
  • iTunes will warn you that it has recognized a system in the recovery mode. Tap on the option OK, and then recover the device.
  • Then, ¬†go through the prompts in the Setup Assistant and continue it by clicking on the icon “Set up your device.”
  • Now, click on Restore from a Backup, and after that log in to iCloud.
  • Finally, move to “Choose backup,” next select the available backups found in iCloud.

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