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iPhone features a beautiful display and battery backup performance, but still, users go through some errors and technical glitches. Sometimes it so happens that you have connected an iPhone into a machine and there is no response. You try to look for solutions for iTunes, iPad but all your efforts go in vain. iTunes won’t detect iPhone problem include such issues.

There is nothing to bother as there are some effective solutions that will solve the intricacy and let your machine to recognize the iPhone or iPad again. So it is advised that you have technical know-how whichever is the best suitable for you.

Why You Can’t Connect iPhone To iTunes?

There are numerous causes for which you cannot connect your iPhone to iTunes. Here are some of the reasons which won’t let you connect your iPhone to iTunes successfully.

  • There can be an intricacy with the USB port which might not let you securely connect your iPhone to iTunes and it will lead you to iTunes won’t detect iPhone problem.
  • There can be a USB cable malfunction which may lead you to the generation of the iTunes won’t detect iPhone problem.
  • You have to be sure that there is no lock on your Apple device and it must be necessarily on the home screen so that you can connect securely with the iTunes.
  • If you are not using the latest version of iTunes, you may occasionally encounter this particular error with iPhone connecting to iTunes.
  • There can be a fault with your computer for which you might be unable to connect with the iTunes and there can be further problems due to that.

However, apart from the above points, there are other reasons as well. But, these are the leading causes behind the occurrence of the issue.

Ways To Solve iPhone Won’t Connect To iTunes Problem

Here are some of the key measures which you can implement to fix the iPhone and iTunes connection problem securely and safely. These critical steps can help you enable your iPhone and iTunes connection over time. Catch a glimpse at following tips and apply them to fix the issue quickly.

Step 1: Use Genuine USB Cables

If you continue using cheap data cables, it might sometimes prevent you from connecting with iTunes. Cheap third party USB cables can be torn and frayed sometimes due to which you may be unable to connect iPhone to iTunes. To enable a successful connection between iTunes and iPhone and also to make them work together you need to use original USB cables.

Step 2: Try Another USB Port For Connection

Sometimes there can be a USB port malfunction which may cause you the problem in connecting with iTunes. Therefore, it is highly recommended to try changing the USB port. You can try to establish the connection via attempting to use a different computer or a different USB port. Try this method and check whether you can connect your iPhone to iTunes.

Step 3: Relaunch iTunes Application

This method is an elementary step which you can instantly implement to fix the issue. Sometimes applying this particular step solves the problem. You can merely try to quit iTunes once and relaunch it. Sometimes, there can be a system freeze or the system might hang. Therefore, quitting iTunes and relaunching it again can help you fix the issue sometimes. If this step does not work out for you, you may navigate to the next level.

Step 4: Rebooting The Computer

If the last steps do not solve your issue, you may try to reboot your computer once and check if it works out for you. Sometimes, conducting this simple and easy step solves your problem whereas other measures cannot.

Step 5: Reinstall The iTunes Application

If none of the corrective measures are successful, then you can also try this step once. You will have to uninstall the iTunes application and download and install it again from the Apple store. Uninstall the app first and then further download a fresh version. Ultimately install it your machine and try connecting your iPhone with iTunes. This step can effectively solve your issue because this measure is a valid measure in overcoming iTunes won’t relate to the iPhone issue.

Step 6: Updating The iPhone Driver

You can always update the iOS device driver and fix the issue. Firstly, visit the device manager option, and then you have to locate your iPhone from the section called “portable devices.” Now, right-click on the “Apple iPhone” option and tap on the update software option. After that, you have to click on the “Browse on my computer” alternative. Now, you will have to go to a section known as drivers. Install the fresh version of the driver and then try connecting to the iTunes. Also, do not forget your iTunes driver in this process.


Here are the steps and critical measures which can successfully help you solve your issue. Try applying the level which is the best suitable for you so that it helps you solve the problem. There are various other ways to fix the problem but the steps mentioned above are enough for doing wonders. Therefore, whenever you are facing this issue, refer to all the corrective measures as highlighted in the above section.

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