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Sometimes, while using your laptop with a Windows 10 version, you may wish to check your battery power. But, out of sheer suspicion, the battery icon vanishes. You can no more see it. Even after you click the arrows, you are still unable to see the battery icon. The missing battery icon Windows 10 issue arises when you try to update your Windows version. It may also occur due to various other reasons but this is the main reason.

There can be a fault in the power icon which might also be responsible for the battery icon missing issue. But, before you know about the fixes in detail, you must have a clear idea of the reasons causing the problem. The causes will help you get a detailed idea of the problem, and you will be able to solve the issue at a faster rate. Furthermore, take a look at the reasons causing the issue.

Probable Reasons Behind Missing Battery Icon Windows 10 Issue

  • There can be an issue in the power settings, which might be responsible for the battery icon not showing Windows 10.
  • Issues with the battery hardware may also be responsible due to the occurrence of the battery icon missing problem in Windows 10.
  • If the battery icon is disabled, also then there is a chance that you can encounter this error with Windows 10.
  • If the motherboard driver is not up-to-date, you may also encounter this error with the battery icon while operating Windows 10.

With this four reasons mentioned above, you will have a clear idea of the problem which in turn will help you to apply the fixes. However, many other reasons may contribute to the problem as well. But, these are the fundamental points which can help you analyze the issue. Furthermore, take a glance at the steps which you must implement to solve the problem.

Ways To Fix Missing Battery Icon Windows 10 Issue

Here are some ideas which you can expertly implement to fix the issue in one go.  Go through the steps carefully and comprehend the causes and the solutions.

Step 1: Enabling The Battery Icon

If the battery icon in your machine is not enabled, you may have to allow it. To execute this method, you have to tap the Windows and R key firstly. Next, you will have to navigate to the personalization option and further tap on it.

Under the personalization option, you can see that there will be a taskbar option available. Now you will have to check whether the system icons are turned on or off under the notification area. If the power of off, you have to turn the toggle on instead of off.

Step 2: Disabling And Re-Enabling The Battery Hardware

This is another proficient method to get rid of this battery icon missing error. Firstly, you have to open the device manager by tapping on the Windows+X key together. Now, you have to find the battery categories and find the battery. There will be two available options.

You will have to choose the Microsoft AS Adapter alternative and then you can tap on disable. Also, disable the other available choice. Now, as you have disabled the two options, you need to re-enable them again. To re-enable them, you have to right-click on the options and you can tap on the enable option. Finally, you can restart your computer.

Step 3: Updating The Motherboard Driver

Sometimes, updating the motherboard driver solves the missing battery icon issue quickly. If you are not a technology enthusiast, you can generally update the motherboard driver by the manual driver updating procedure. Implementing this step can solve your issue if the other steps do not solve.

Wrapping Up

So, this article consists of all the causes involved in the missing battery icon Windows 10 issue. Along with other reasons, there are also technical measures to overcome the problem. You can quickly solve the issue by referring to the steps above.