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While using a Windows 10 laptop or a desktop, you may sometimes wish to explore the Bluetooth option for transferring files from mobile to laptop. But, you are no more able to find the Bluetooth in the settings option. Windows 10 Bluetooth driver missing issue is a common query among Windows 10 users. This error generally occurs due to a problem with the settings. However, users may also face this issue due to the Bluetooth driver issue.

But, the good thing about the problem is there are a lot of fixes for the issue. Moreover, you can solve the issue more effectively once you know the reasons. Knowing and understanding the causes will help you look at the problem differently and you may be able to fix the issue efficiently. Catch a glance at the reasons and grasp the problem immediately.

Feasible Causes Behind Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Missing Issue

  • There can be a problem with the Bluetooth settings itself which is causing the error repeatedly.
  • An issue can occur with the Bluetooth status which might be responsible for the error with Bluetooth and you may encounter the problem.
  • There can be a complication with the Bluetooth service status which might be responsible for the issue and may prevent you from accessing the Bluetooth in Windows 10.
  • There can be a compatibility issue between the Bluetooth driver and the operating system which might lead you to the generation of the problem.

Here is an overview of the reasons responsible for Bluetooth driver missing windows 10 issue. Besides, there can be various other causes which may contribute to the problem as well. You need to focus on the reasons first and then understand the question. The reasons behind the point describe the logical explanation of the problem. Furthermore, take a glance at the steps which you can apply to solve the issue effectively.

Few Ways To Repair Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Missing Issue

Here is the summary of the steps which you can apply to solve the issue successfully with ease. Check out the solutions that will help you to eradicate the issue carefully.

Step 1: Examine The Status Of Bluetooth Service

Firstly, you will have to take your cursor to the Start menu. Then you will have to right-click on the Start button to choose the option known as “Device Manager.” You will have to examine the device manager thoroughly and check if there is any Bluetooth device. If there is any, you will find it in the network adapter section. If you see it in the network adaptability section, then it means your machine contains a Bluetooth. Yes, you have successfully found the Bluetooth device.

Step 2: Check The Bluetooth Service Status Alternatively

On your keyboard, you will see that there is a Windows logo key. You need to tap that Windows button first along with the R button side by side. This action will display you the run box where you can type commands. There you need to write “services.msc” and tap on the “enter” button.

After that, you will have to tap on the bluetooth support service or bluetooth driver management system option. Finally, you can click on the “Enter” button. Now, right-click on “Properties.” Now, you require to set the startup process to automatic. Ultimately, you can tap on the apply option, and further you can click OK.

Now, the last action that you should undertake is tapping on the Windows key, and I key altogether. This action will show you the settings option, and you can examine if the bluetooth is present or not.

Step 3: Re-Enabling The Bluetooth Driver Software In The Device Manager

Firstly, you have to go to the keyboard and press the Windows key and the X key together. This action will invoke the quick access menu. After that, you require to tap on the device manager option.

Now, go to the bluetooth section and right-click on the bluetooth driver software option. The, you will have to select the “Disable Device” option. Now, you will have to click on ‘Yes’ to  confirm your choice. After completion of this process, you will have to enable the device again.

Now, tap on the Windows button and the ‘I’ button together on your keyboard. This step will open the Settings window and you can check for the availability of bluetooth similarly.

Wrapping Up

Whenever you face the bluetooth issue again, you can head over to the solutions stated above to solve your issue. These fixes will help you analyze the problem at an expert level and you will be able to fix it quickly.

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