Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem | Troubleshoot With Amazing Tech Hacks

If you are addicted to technology, it is likely that you will not want to entertain unwanted errors. Moreover, hard disk issues are extremely risky and therefore needs speedy rectification. However,  with the latest technological innovation, fixing hard disk issue is not a problem anymore. You can check whether there is a hard disk issue in your system or not. There is a mechanism in Windows that reports errors to the users, after thoroughly checking your hard drive. If it finds an error in your system, it notifies you with a warning message saying ‘Windows detected a hard disk.’ Once you receive such notifications, you can undertake remedial measures to resolve the issue.

However, in case you are not very conversant with the technical know-how and wondering what to do, then this article is just for you. In this article, we offer you affordable solutions to your problem.

Problem Discussion

In case you have a hard disk problem in your system, then you are likely to come across many errors. Such issues may also damage your operating system permanently. Usually, when there is a hard disk issue then your computer gets perpetually damaged or corrupted. This eventually slows down your operating system as well. The worst part is if it is not checked in due time, then your PC is likely to freeze or crash. Therefore, under all circumstances, you are to fix the glitch at the earliest.

Potential Causes Of The Issue

In order to resolve a problem, it is essential for you to know the key factors behind the issue.  The following issues may be the potential causes:

  1. Virus damage
  2. Logical or mechanical issues in your system
  3. Damaged system file
  4. Manual error

These are some of the potential causes behind the problem. In case you face such a problem, you need to take immediate corrective measures. However, if you are not acquainted with the solutions, we will provide you with the most effective guidelines.

Windows Has Detected A Hard Disk Problem- Fix It At The Earliest

Despite being aware of the causes behind hard disk error, it is difficult to determine the appropriate reason for the problem by means of the error message. Moreover, the reasons for such a message popping up may vary. Therefore it is indeed necessary for you to be conversant with the solutions. In case you not tech-savvy, no worries- we offer you with all you need. Cited below are the simple strategies for you  to follow:

Method 1: Using System File Checker

Windows offers certain tools to troubleshoot hard disk errors for the convenience of users. You can solve many problems by simply using such tools. This makes your work easier. Therefore, if you are running short of ideas, then the best option for you is to make use of the System File Checker. This is going to help you in case you don’t know which file is vital for you. In order to go about the process, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on start and enter ‘CMD’ in the search box.
  • Right-click and choose the item’ Run as Administrator’.
  • Type sfc/ scannow and click on the Enter key.

Method 2: Perform A ChkDsk:

In case the previous solution doesn’t work, no worries, we offer you simple steps to follow.  You need to perform a ChkDsk. In fact, the best option for you to fix a hard disk is to perform a ChkDSK.  The main objective of the ChkDsk is to repair errors of the FAT file systems and NTFS. Follow the simple steps:

  • Avail Command Prompt- Enter ‘partition drive letter’ (c:/d:/e: and so on) that you wish to ChkDsk. You may consider using the default partition.
  • Type ‘ChkDsk’ and click on Enter.

Method 3: Fix Bad Sectors For Hard Disk

In order to Fix a hard disk error, it is important to repair system error at first and then you can fix the system problems. However, in case you can’t detect any partition or system file issue, then you can examine ‘hard drive health condition’ Bad sectors can occur to all hard drives and in such cases, there is likely to be a data security issue. Follow the instructions cited below to check bad sectors.

  • Use DiskGenius, which is a file recovery tool as well as system backup software. It checks bad sector files. You need to do download and install it.
  • Run the program and it will show you the partition files along with the necessary details on the main interface.
  • Next, click on ‘Disk’
  • Then click on ‘Verify or Repair Bad Sectors’

Note that the process will take some time.  However, this will provide you with updates on the bad sectors. However, you may consider backing up your important data as the process is likely to damage your stored files.

Method 4: Consult Hard Disc Support

This is the final solution we offer. In case you find it difficult to carry out the procedures cited above manually, then we suggest you to consult a professional hard disk support center. This is especially done when you wish to repair hard disk errors,  you need certain technological devices or machines. A professional support center can help you up with all that.

Know What Else To Do If Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem

Hard disk issues can be potentially dangerous as it likely destroys all your files and important documents. Therefore, your security is at risk in case such a problem crops up. Now it goes without saying that you can’t afford to compromise on your security, no matter what. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you enable proper backup mechanisms. It is quite easy to do that. You can simply copy paste your data from one drive to the other or you may even consider copy-pasting them from one partition file to another.

In case that’s not enough, DiskGenius is a still better alternative. It offers you effective backup solutions enabling you to back up any partition including system partition to image files.  it gives you an option for cloning as well as copying your hard drives in accordance with your convenience. Follow the steps listed below to carry the procedure. At first, you will have to prepare a hard disk whose capacity should not be smaller than the disk that you are to clone. Once you do this, Install DiskGenius and run it.

  1. Click on Tools from the Menu bar and choose ‘Clone Disk’.
  2. Select ‘source disk’, ‘target disk’ as well as ‘clone disk’ from the pop-up windows. Once you do this, click on ‘Start’ and disk copy will start operating.

A Note Of Advice

Keeping the safety issues in mind, we strongly recommend you to undertake precautionary measures if your Windows detected a hard disk problem. In recent times when cyber crimes are so common, it is indeed not wise to neglect your hard disk problems and in case you don’t know how to repair when hard disk is not detected, try the steps provided in this article. The solution to your problem is now at your fingertips, go for it without wasting time.