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Get the Best Data Recovery Software in 2021

While using gadgets, accidents are prone to happen. You can not stop it but only prevent it. You must have heard that backing up files has proven to be one of the best ways to keep your files safe and protected. 

Now, technology can’t be perfect and flawless. Though it gives us many advantages, you still need to be extra careful about your documents. There are some Data Recovery Software that you can take a look at if you lose any important data. This software are mainly applications that help in creating copies of files, hard drives and databases. This helps to safeguard and redeem files or folders lost due to accidents, corrupted or infected by malware. It basically recovers the original content. 

The data recovery software is easily accessible through the computer, Mac, iPhone and even Android version. Data loss can be a stressful experience to deal with. In such circumstances, according to Data Recovery Dubai experts, big companies use cloud backup, hard drives backup etc., for extra security. To a large extent, disk cloning software and data backup software are available in the market that will help you to retrieve the data. 

Here we have listed the 10 most recommended data backup software, as mentioned below. 

10 Highly Recommended Data Recovery Software

The top 10 data recovery software are mentioned below. This list will help you to have a number of choices to retrieve data. Among the given software, some are free, and some are paid. You can also seek help from Data Recovery services for prompt solutions.

  1. Stellar Data Recovery

This tool is one of the most popular recovery software and is best used for business purposes. You will get some amazing features like the Scan option. Thus, you will be able to scan the data loss that has occurred. You don’t need to scan your entire system, just the important document. 

The system has developed advanced search capabilities to make it trouble-free for you and to identify and unroot the data. Other important features are — it supports all formats and drives and is also an adaptable provider, .i.e. capable of retrieving files from a hard drive etc. It has a reasonable price. One of the drawbacks is that the deep scan is very slow. 

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The process to recover files is way too easy. It has a fast deep scan function and thus makes it a highly advanced data recovery tool. You will get a quick reaction after running this software. This will redeem the files that are lost due to an accident, and even virus ruined files. 

Data recovery is one of the affordable packages you will get with various pricing options for monthly or yearly. You can also get a discount. Though the Pro version is quite expensive, it is worth buying. Also, the Mac and the Windows version are totally different from each other. 

  1. OnTrack Easy Recovery

OnTrack EasyRecovery is the most powerful data recovery tool with a variety of features. This tool has an easy way of data recovering files, and it works under different data loss conditions. A free version is also available that allows recovering up to 1 GB of service with different editions. 

The software allows the retrieval of files and folders that might be deleted accidentally or virus infection. This is the home edition. Whereas, in the professional edition, you will be able to recover data from CD and DVD. The premium edition can retrieve corrupted photos and video along with cloning HDD and SSD. 

Another edition known as the technical and toolkit edition is the most powerful among all of them. This retrieves the lost or reformatted RAID volume. Commercial licensing is also available for Linux, Mac, Windows systems. The drawbacks are that the price may vary; also, certain features are missing on this software.

  1. Disk Drill

This software is very popular among macOS, and now it is also available in Windows. It has some amazing features with free choices and also a premium version. It can retrieve data from drives, SD cards, cameras and even from smartphones. In case of any data loss, you can recover the file, and many media types and files support it. 

You can easily mount and unmount a USB flash drive to recover data. Though the Disk Drill software can be one of your best choices, the Pro verse is still quite expensive. It does not support any phone type, and the scanning speed is also very low. 

  1. CrashPlan

This is another best recovery software. Home users can get a free backup solution. Primarily in small businesses, this software is used to redeem data. It has some similar traditional file recovery app features. This software does not store files. If you want an entire machine backup, then it will start with a new file. You can store files that you have deleted, but you can also turn off the features whenever you want. One of the drawbacks is that it does not back up according to the file type.  

  1. Recuva

This software is supported by Windows. It is quite a smaller freeware compared to that of the program. It can be used to redeem data from pictures, music videos, other types of files from hard drives, etc. 

It is quite low in price and is one of the best free versions available to the users along with a clear interface. One of the drawbacks is that it can recover data up to two-third, which might not be enough in critical circumstances. 

  1. PhotoRec

This software is available on Windows, Linux and also on Mac. It has one of the powerful data retrieval abilities and supports the major operating system. You will be able to recover up to 300 files. 

This has a free download which is a great choice for recovering deleted files without paying. For additional data safety, you can turn on the read-only mode. It is supported by different types of storage media and it can also recover data from digital cameras. 

  1. Stellar Phoenix

It is a multi-featured data recovery software with a high-end design, user-friendly and availability of various editions. This software has great recovery performance along with disk testing and cloning features. You can easily recover files and documents and comfortably work on Windows. Though the recovery file range is quite less as compared with the Disk Drill. If you are a first-time user, then it is simply the perfect tool for you. 

  1. Undelete 360

This is another free data recovery tool. It has a user interface of Office 2010, and that might be the outdated version now. Some features are that it recovers certain format files, shows scan results in both file type and folder view and too big files can also be undeleted. 

One drawback of Undelete 360 is that it does not support technical data recovery tools, and even the performance is quite low.  

  1. Data Rescue 6

This is available in both Windows and Mac. It has a quite simple and clean interface which makes it quite attractive. However, it is quite expensive for home users. It also has the ability of cloning and creating bootable drives. Further, it also supports a variety of file types. 

Many users have benefited and recover lost and deleted files. This software also includes a handy hex previewer and even helps to look at the files as raw data.  


So, these are some data recovery software that you can use to recover lost as well as virus-infected data. You will find a lot of software available in the market. Over here, we have discussed some of the best software, and both free and paid versions are given. 

After recovering, the very first thing that you need to keep in mind is to try your best not to lose the files again. You can also back up the files in your Cloud storage for additional security. Experts associated with Data Recovery Dubai suggest that you can also go for an online backup service.

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