Learn How To Export Firefox Bookmarks With Easy Steps

A bookmark is one of the useful features of Mozilla browser. You can save any web address or web page using the bookmark feature. You may easily access the saved ones from the bookmark list. The bookmarks may make the navigation of web pages simple and easy access on the websites instead of searching it all over again. Mozilla Firefox browser is loaded with excellent features and  ease-of-use.With Mozilla Firefox, you can easily create, view, and edit bookmarks. In the Firefox browser, you also have the option to export the bookmarks to a file or even export on an external drive. There is also an option to transfer the Firefox bookmarks on a different device browser. In this article, we will learn how to export firefox bookmarks, save them and create a backup.

How to Save Bookmarks In Firefox?

First of all, navigate to the webpage that you want to save as a bookmark. Right-click on the window and click on the option “Save as Bookmarks” to save them. Here are some of the methods to export the Firefox Bookmarks to other devices and browsers.

Export Bookmarks From Firefox

Follow the instructions to export the bookmarks to Windows.

First of all, launch the Firefox browser and then select ‘Bookmarks’.
You have to select the option “Show all Bookmarks” which will open the library window.
In the library window toolbar, you have to click on Import and Backup. Next, select Export Bookmarks to HTML.
This will open the export the bookmarks to HTML window. You have to select the location and save the file. The default name will be bookmarks.html.
Click on the ‘Save’ button. This will close the Export bookmarks to HTML window.
The bookmarks will be exported from Firefox to the Windows. Now, you will have to import the exported bookmarks to the device.

Import Bookmarks To Mac Browser

Once you have exported the bookmarks from the Firefox browser, you can import the bookmarks to the Mac browser as well. Follow the steps to open bookmarks on Safari browser.

Launch browser in the Mac device.
Next, at the top of the Safari Window select the File menu and choose the option to “Import Bookmarks.”
Now, search for the location where you have saved the bookmark files. Open the bookmarks.
Lastly, click on open to import the bookmarks to the Mac device.
This is how you can export the bookmarks from Mac to Safari browser.

Firefox Export Bookmarks To Windows

If you are using Windows, you can easily import Firefox bookmarks to Windows using  Internet Explorer. Follow the instructions given below.

Firstly, open the Internet Explorer on Windows.
You can either press the Alt + 1 on the keyboard or go to the file menu bar.
A drop-down menu will appear on the screen. You have to click on Import and Export option.
When you click on the option a new window will open. Click on the option Import from a file and then click on the Next button.
In the next step, click on the Next option. Now, select Favorites and then click on the Next button.
Browse the bookmarks folder and select the bookmark file. A new window will open.
Search for the Firefox bookmarks and then click on the Open button.
This will open the bookmark or import the exported bookmarks on Internet Explorer.
You can now easily open the saved bookmarks on your internet explorer browser.


Import Firefox Bookmarks To Google Chrome

You can also import the Firefox bookmarks to Chrome. Follow the instructions given below.

Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC.
Next, click on the Menu button in the Chrome window.
Select bookmarks and next you have to click on Import Bookmarks and settings.
A pop-up menu will appear on the Screen. Click on the drop-down menu and then select Bookmarks from th Mozilla Firefox location.
Select the bookmarks and click on the open button to successfully import the bookmarks and open them.

How To Backup Firefox Bookmarks

There is always a risk to lose the data due to any issue or computer crash. So, it is always a good idea to keep a backup of data. Let us see how to backup Firefox bookmarks.

You can easily backup or restore the bookmarks from the bookmark menu. In order to access the bookmarks library, open the bookmarks and select Organize Bookmarks from the menu. Click on the option ‘Import and Backup’ to save the backup of the bookmarks.

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