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Switching off an iPhone X or all other models of iPhone X claims the incorporation of two separate buttons. Also, restarting an iPhone and forcefully starting an iPhone are two different things. The force starting process is also known as the hard reset method. How to turn off iPhone X is a query for most of iPhone X users. However, there are a lot of fixes for the issue.

The general starting of an iPhone is a regular process. On the other hand, the force startup method is a remedy for those users who face various technical issues such as the app freezing problem. If you cannot start your iPhone, you need to start it forcefully. If you are looking for a technical instruction to turn off your iPhone with ease, then this article can help you out. But, before that, you need to know why can not turn off your iPhone. Take a look at the necessary points to understand why you cannot turn off your iPhone successfully.

Why Can’t You Turn Off iPhone X?

Here are a few points which will clearly state why can’t you turn off your iPhone X with ease.

  • If there is any background application running on your iPhone X, then you might face difficulty in turning off your iPhone.
  • The side button which you use to turn off your iPhone might be broken or crippled due to which you may be unable to turn off your iPhone X.
  • There can be a general settings issue which is not allowing you to turn off your iPhone and you are landing up in a difficult situation.
  • Sometimes you cannot power off iPhone X due to a defective slider. If the slider that you are using to turn off the phone is not working correctly, you might face issues while turning off iPhone X.

Here are the minor as well as significant reasons responsible for the iPhone turn off issue. However, other points may contribute to the list regarding How to turn off iPhone X but the above ones are more than enough for you to understand the problem.

How To Turn Off iPhone X?

Here are some of the tips and tricks which you can apply successfully to turn off your iPhone X. Turning off your iPhone X is not at all a difficult task and hence you should on the points stated below.

Step 1: Solve iPhone X Freezing Situation

You may not be able to turn off your iPhone X if it freezes. Most of the users have been reporting about the iPhone X freezing issue over time. Well, in case your iPhone X freezes, or if it is unresponsive, you can solve the difficulty with some simple steps.

  1. Firstly, you need to tap and release the “volume up” button quickly.
  2. After that, you need to tap and release the “volume down” button instantly.
  3. Finally, tap and hold the “Side button.” After you press that button, you will see the Apple logo, and you have solved your issue.

Step 2: Turn Off iPhone Without The Side Button

You can also turn off your iPhone without taking the help of the side button. Here  is how can conduct this specific step successfully:

Firstly, you have to launch the settings application from your iPhone X. Nextly; you have to tap on the general settings option. Now, you can scroll down and click the shutdown option. Furthermore, if you want to turn on your iPhone X, then you will have to tap and hold the side button for some time until your iPhone X turns on again.

Step 3: Taking The Help Of The Side Button

Firstly, you need to tap and hold the side button and the volume key together. You need to keep pressing that for some time long as holding the side and volume key together can result in taking a screenshot if you tap the volume up button. Instead, press the volume down key. After that, you need to swipe the power icon starting from the left side to the right side to enable turning off your iPhone. After you conduct this step, your queries regarding how to turn off iPhone X will no more be a matter of doubt.

Step 4: Rebooting Your iPhone X

You can make the use of the Assistive Touch feature to reboot your iPhone X. First of all, you have to go to the Settings options and further click on the General option. Furthermore, tap on the Accessibility option, and then you have to click on the Assistive Touch option which you will find under the Interaction menu. Then, you will have to turn on the switch. Then, you can try clicking the Assistive Touch button.

Now, go to the device option and click on the more choice. Ultimately, you can click on the restart button to start your phone if it freezes and you are unable to turn off your iPhone X.

Wrapping Up

Are you still having doubts regarding how to turn off iPhone X? Nobody wants to re-encounter this problem. That is why the above steps are given so that you face no more difficulty in turning off your iPhone X. Follow all the steps and get your issue fixed within minutes.

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