Learn How To Turn On AirDrop On MAC | Simple Methods At Your Fingertips

In Mac and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPods, PCs sharing photos, songs, documents are a very common task. For that reason, Apple has a useful application called AirDrop. This application is basically designed to share documents, photos, and many things. The developers have also made AirDrop application extremely user-friendly to decrease the effort of the users. AirDrop is much quicker and easier to use, than the other apps available in the market. You can quickly send or receive items using this application.

Specifications For AirDrop Application

As AirDrop application is a pretty new tool, it does not yet support in all iOS devices and MacBooks. For sending and receiving files, you need an iPhone, iPad or an iPod device running on iOS X Yosemite or a newer version.

If you are using a MacBook device, then you need a MacBook Pro of 2008 or newer. Besides that, you can also have AirDrop in many other older MacBook like iMac, MacBooks of early 2008 and more. These older devices do not support AirDrop application directly, but you can upgrade the system software and use AirDrop software.

How To Turn On AirDrop On Mac Devices

Turing on the AirDrop application in the Mac devices is quite difficult for the users. You may not find the AirDrop application easily in your MacBook. Moreover, it is important to have a device which is compatible with the AirDrop application. First, upgrade the system software correctly and follow the processes mentioned below.

  • First, click on Go and find the AirDrop application.
  • Then double-click on the application to turn on AirDrop on Mac.
  • If the Bluetooth and WiFi services are disabled in your device, then turn on them. Otherwise, AirDrop on Mac will automatically turn Bluetooth and WiFi on.

After successfully completing the steps mentioned, you can use the AirDrop application without a hitch on your MacBook.

Share Files Using AirDrop

If you are not a tech-savvy person and don’t have enough idea about how to send items via AirDrop, do not worry about that.

First, turn on the AirDrop application on your MacBook and check the list of AirDrop users in the AirDrop window. Now drag the item which you want to send to your device and then click on the Send button.

Moreover, you can use this procedure to send files to the recipients. Open AirDrop application and click on the Share option. Then, simply choose the files or the item which you want to send and then select a recipient to send the files.

Alternatively, you can send files from the File Manager application with the help of AirDrop. Go to File Manager and select the items and click on the share option. After that, a new tab will appear and from there choose AirDrop and select the recipient to send the files.

You can find the received the items in the Download folder in your MacBook. while if you are iOS device user, then you may find the items in the associated application of the items. Like you may see the photos in the Photo app, songs will appear in the Music app.

Things To remember Before Sharing Files Using AirDrop

Sometimes when you are using the AirDrop application, you may not find recipients. This is because AirDrop cannot find any user within the 30 feet or 9 meters around you.

Besides if you try to send any item which has an older version of AirDrop application. Then AirDrop will not allow you to share the files with the recipient.

Moreover, at the time of sending item wirelessly to a Mac device turn off hotspot and turn on the Celluar Data for better and uninterrupted processing. Also, it is important to turn off the “Block all incoming connection” option. If the option is turned on, then the receiving Mac device will not allow the items you are trying to send.

Send Items From iPhone to Mac Device

AirDrop is the fastest way to share an item from an iPhone to any Mac device. With the help of this application, you can send it more conveniently, but the process is a little different and can get tricky at times. To complete the process, you need the latest version of AirDrop application both in your iPhone and MacBook device.

To send any file from iPhone to any MacBook open the AirDrop application on both devices. Then click on Share on your phone and select the items which you want to send. After that, search for the Mac device to which you are trying to forward the files to.

Now, in the Mac device click on “Allow me to be discovered by” option and set the display to Everyone. Then go back to the iPhone device and select the desired Mac device surround you and click on Send.

As soon as the transfer finishes, Mac device will show a message in the screen. Now close the AirDrop application from your Mac device to stop further transfers.


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