Learn How To Unzip Files On Mac | Get Simple Hacks

Sometimes, files that we download from the internet are in zip format i.e compressed form. The main reason that files are kept compressed because it takes lesser space and user can download it faster. Users can easily identify zip files with the help of extensions. Before using the files it is important to know how to extract the files in the Mac system. If you are looking to know how to unzip files on Mac then this article is for you.

Unzipping files is not a complicated process. If you want to unzip any file on Mac go through the effective techniques and unzip the file.

Things To Do For Unzipping Files On Mac

Zip files is an application that functions as a single package of multiple files, single items or folders. Earlier zip format was only restricted to Windows OS, but in recent years Mac also has created the zip archives.

If you are wondering how to unzip files don’t worry will help you to decompress the downloaded zip file.

Install The Unarchive in Mac OS

The user can extract zip files with the help of third party software which is known as The Unarchiver. You need to download the software to unzip the compressed file. Hence download the Unarchiver from Apple Store. After installing the software, set the Unarchiver with archive files. Once you have associated the archiver double click on compress file and unzip it by the Unarchiver.

When done installing, Unarchiver will sync with all the archive folder present on Mac. Thus it allows the third party to open the file and other zip folders on Mac.  The Unarchiver can also extract RAR files, zip CPGZ and other several zip formats that you might encounter during downloading files or data.

Unzipping a  Single File Item

If you want to unzip the file or folder it couldn’t get easier. First, double-click to extract stored data into the same folder where the zip file is present. Suppose if the items contain single item then the new unzip file will contain the original file.  

Decompressing Files Containing Several Items

Sometimes users download a file or folder which consists of multiple items. So when you unzip them, the particular items will be stored in a folder of compressed items. For instance, if you unzip a RAR file, then the file will be placed in the RAR file folder. if there is any folder of the same name then a number will be labeled to the recent folder.


There are several ways to unzip a folder so if you are unable to decompress it don’t worry try other alternative steps as mentioned above.