Effective Solutions To Resolve The Computer Won’t Recognize iPhone Issue

Has this ever happened to you, that you connect your iOS device to add some music and just then bammm… your computer device fails to locate the device. This sure has been a part of the issues in your iPhone. That is why we have got all the distinct solutions to aid you in case your PC not recognizing iPhone. Stick to this post and we will make sure you get all the relevant information to get imminent solutions in troubleshooting the glitches.

Here we have presented everything that you require to get rid of the issues real quick-

How to Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone?

To start with, first, unplug the iOS device from your computer and make sure to keep it unplugged until the full procedure completes. Next, you will have to close all the applications running on the background. This is because your computer basically requires the iOS drivers to recognize your iOS device. May it be your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Whenever you install the iTunes, it will come along with a number of other drivers as well. However, speaking of the preinstalled drivers it can be either outdated or even misconfigured.

So, how to nullify this issue? The very first thing that you can try in this regard is to uninstall the iTunes app completely. You can use any of the specified driver installer tools that can work out best in deriving the proper results. After downloading the application, expand it and click on the uninstall button. Soon after the uninstall finishes, you will have to reboot the computer from start.

Continuing with the fix…

After completing uninstallation, you can again download and install the iTunes app from the Apple store. However, in case you prefer the iOS drivers without installing the iTunes app, you can also try out the previous tool. Also, if you wish to download the program, you will have to go to the programme and click on the automatic installation. This will help the program to download the app temporarily along with the relevant files. After that, you can also extract and install the drivers from the resource.

Lastly, restart your computer once again and then connect the iOS device to the PC. At last, it should help you to resolve the computer won’t recognize iPhone error. However, in case you fail to recognize the device, you will have to make sure that the device is unlocked. Enter the right pin code and then disable the auto lock feature. In case, it still fails to render the positive results, you can also try using the different USB cable. It can be an effective source of the problem and thus it is always recommended to use an Apple approved cable.

It would be better if you do not use any USB hub as it is always better if you can connect it directly to the PC. If that always does not work, you can also try using different USB slots for desktops. If the connectors on the front fail to work, you can also use the ones that are present on the back side of the device.

Still facing the issue?

You should try resetting the Apple mobile device service to automatic mode by following these simple yet useful instructions-

At first, close iTunes and disconnect the device followed by clicking on the Windows button. There, you can search for the services.msc that will bring out some relevant results. Click on the results from the services list and the Windows can also make it appear the available services. Right click on the Apple device services and choose the properties option. If the services are already running, simply click on the stop button. After that, you can again access the system by clicking on the start button.

Click to open the pop-up menu and from the startup types, select the automatic mode. To save the settings, click on OK. If none of these works, check if your iOS device is recognized by another computer. Hardware issues could be another probable reason behind this issue. This might also be due to a faulty USB connector. In that case, using a specified tool can also be really effective in bringing out the desired solutions. The tools may bring out maximum help to transfer music from one iOS device to your computer. This will effectively be done without using the iTunes app apart from working as a manager to add music from the PC.

Alternate Solution

You can also initiate by heading over to the start menu and opening it by left clicking on it. Next, click on programs and features on Windows 10 as well as the earlier versions of the Operating system. One of the best matches that come up includes the programs and features that you can access just by left clicking on it to open. There also you will need to uninstall quite a few tools to uninstall the Apple mobile devices. Also, it is quite important to understand the reason behind the inability to recognize the device by your system. In that case, you will need to click on the entry and then left click on the uninstall button to move out all the undesired application.

Check out all the above-provided solutions and see which one works the best to nullify the issues. Let us know if the solutions work well for you to resolve the issue in the comment section below and make sure to share it with all your peers.

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