Guidelines To Solve When Firefox Profile Missing

Firefox is the most popular browser for Windows users. However, at the time of opening this browser if your Firefox profile missing, then do not worry. From this article, you will get to learn how to resolve this problem when Firefox profile cannot be loaded.

How To Delete Firefox Profile?

Here in this section, you will get the procedures of how to delete a profile from Mozilla Firefox.

Delete Firefox Profile Using ‘ firefox.exe -p”Command

Follow the below steps to get success to delete Firefox profile.

Open Run Box

To do this at first close the Firefox browser and then open the Run dialog box. In order to do this, press the Windows key along with the letter R.

Execute ” firefox.exe -p” Command

On the Run box type, this “ firefox.exe -p” command after that hit the OK button to execute this command.

Create And Delete Firefox Profile

By doing the above procedure, the Firefox-Choose User Profile gets open. Here you can proceed for Create Profile, Rename Profile and Delete Profile. Among this click on Create Profile box and then on Next. Doing this process Create Profile Wizard screen will open and on it, Default User is set as default under the Enter new profile name section. At the last click on ‘Finish’ to complete the Create Profile process.

As a new profile gets created now, you can delete Firefox profile. And for this follow the instructions as explained below:
To remove the damaged profiles from Firefox, highlight the profile whichever you want to delete from the browser. Then tap on ‘Delete Profile’ from the left panel of this Choose User Profile window. As clicking on the Delete Profile option, a new screen will get appear to confirm this process. Without a second thought, again you need to click on Delete Files at the middle of other options.

Start Firefox Browser

After completion of this whole process, click on Start Firefox. Then it will automatically restart the Firefox browser.

There is also a different way by which you can be able to delete Firefox profile. Keep an eye on the guide to know another trick of how to delete Firefox profile.

Remove And Reinstall  To Delete Firefox Profile

If the Firefox profile cannot be loaded then to resolve this issue the best way is to remove this browser entirely from the system. Follow the below lines to complete this process.

Go To Control Panel

To begin this at first go to the Start menu and then on the Windows search bar type Control Panel and press ‘Enter’.

Uninstall Firefox

Under this Control Panel screen select on Programs and then on Programs and Features. Now you will be able to see all the installed programs of your system. Next, drop down the right slider of this window and highlight the Firefox icon. Then right click on it and click on ‘Uninstall’. But this will not completely remove Mozilla Firefox from system to complete it continue this article.

Delete Firefox Folder

Af first open the File Explorer by pressing the Windows key and the letter E at the same time. Then from the upper menu panel of this window click on “View” tab and tick on the checkbox of Hidden items. This is done to view all the folder content from File Explorer which is saved from conventional user.

Then go to Local Disc (C:) from the left panel of this window and locate the Firefox folder. After getting the Firefox folder right click on it and select the ‘Delete’ option. By applying the above steps, you can be able to solve this how to delete Firefox profile hitch.

Download And Reinstall

Now use a third-party browser and on the address bar search for the latest version of Firefox. But before downloading this, it is better to check the compatibility of the Firefox browser with your OS. After knowing the compatibility of the updated version of Firefox you can be able to download it. As it gets downloaded then install it by following the on-screen instructions.

These are the ways to apply by which you can be able to resolve this Firefox profile missing issue.

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