Nvidia Control Panel Missing Solved

A lot of Nvidia users have complained about Nvidia control panel missing problems. While nothing can beat Nvidia in producing high-end graphics drivers and the Graphics Processing Unit, Nvidia is not completely error-free. However, some tips and tricks can help you to overcome this problem. Many Nvidia experts have attributed this problem to the latest Windows operating system update. In this context, you can learn the causes and get your problem solved easily.

Nvidia Control Panel Missing Windows 10|Major Reasons

Before discussing Nvidia error, let us see what is the use Nvidia Control Panel. Nvidia control panel is where the user can configure the settings of the graphics as required by him or her. We have listed a few issues that may aid in arising of this problem.

Malfunctioning Graphics Card

This is the primary reason for facing the issue. The symptoms of a faulty graphics card include frequent computer crashes,  black screens, and loud fan sounds. In case, you are suffering from any of the above symptoms with your machine, then you can attribute your problem with graphics card.

Latest Updates

After updating your operating system, you are likely to encounter the problem. If so, then you can uninstall the updates instantly and take other necessary steps.

Missing Registry Keys

Missing registry keys are also likely to be blamed for such an error. However, you can fix them easily and therefore sort out your problem in no time.

Random Errors

Miscellaneous issues in the computer are common as well as very much annoying. Minor errors listed here can lead you to suffer from this issue. However, do not worry as this article will help you get over this issue within a short time span.

How Can Nvidia Control Panel Missing Be Solved

Check out the six methods to troubleshoot missing of the control panel in Nvidia.

Unhide Nvidia Control Panel

If you are unable to find the Nvidia control panel that is present on your desktop, it means that it is hidden. The most probable reason for this error is updating the Nvidia graphics card.

  • Open the Run dialog box and type control in there. Then press OK.
  • Choose Nvidia Control Panel from there.
  • Once the Nvidia control panel appears, choose the option Add Desktop Context menu from View present in the toolbar.

Restart Nvidia Services

Type services.msc  in the Run dialog box and click Ok. Next, in the Services Window, search for those services whose name starts with Nvidia. Change the status of each service if they are in the Not Running mode. Otherwise, if they are in Running status, then select the option Restart.

Follow this procedure delicately and if it does not help you out, skip to the next solution.

Copy Nvidia Container File

This solution is provided by the Nvidia experts. So if you are encountering this error frequently, you can try this fix.

Open Display.NvContainer present in the Nvidia Corporation file under Program Files (x86) folder. Copy the Display.NvContainer and then type shell: startup in the Run dialog box and select Ok. Now paste the file in the Startup window that is opened.

Go to the Properties section after right-clicking on the Display.NvContainer file. Check the radio button against the option Run this program as an administrator and then click OK.

Update Nvidia Graphics Driver

Keeping the latest version of the driver is necessary.

  • Press Win + X keys from the keyboard simultaneously. Choose the option Device Manager.
  • Once the Device Manager, opens find the Nvidia driver and right-click on the same. Hit the Update Driver button and search automatically for the updated driver or search for it manually.

Uninstall And Install Nvidia Display Drivers

If none of the above procedures work for you, then you can try to delete the application and reinstall the same.

  • Hold the Windows and X keys together and select the Device Manager option.
  • Search for the Nvidia graphics driver and right-click on the same. Choose Uninstall device option from the list.
  • Next, download and install the Nvidia drivers for your particular model.

Launch Nvidia Control Panel Manually

  • Click the My Computer icon. Navigate to the Program Files and find the Nvidia Corporation folder. Now, choose the Control Panel Client and then look for nvcplui.
  • Go to the nvcplui file and right-click on the same. You can also choose to create a shortcut of the Nvidia Control on the desktop.

These are the six solutions that we believe will surely help you in sorting out your problem. However, if you have doubts regarding any of the procedures given above, then do not hesitate to comment below. If you liked this article, then do not forget to subscribe to our page.