A Complete Guide On Verizon Router Login

If you are not able to login to your Verizon router, then you can follow this article and learn the method that you need to go through in order to log in to the Verizon router. Verizon router login issues are common among the Verizon users but can be fixed with some simple hacks. Here we lay down some simple methods to follow:

How To Perform Verizon router Login?

There are a few procedures that you must follow to carry out this task. Take a glance below:

Procedure 1: Connect To Verizon FiOS Network

You can use a wired connection or a wireless connection to connect to Verizon FiOS network. Here, the wired connection means the Local Area Network. The LAN connection to your router means the cable connection to be fixed with a port on the router.

Procedure 2: Go To The IP Address Of The Router

Open any web browser in your machine. In the address bar of that web browser, type the IP address of your Verizon router. As soon as you enter the IP address in the router, you will find the login screen of Verizon.

Procedure 3: Enter The Credentials

After you enter the login page, you have to enter the default credentials that is provided by the router manufacturer. Check the back side of your router; you will find a sticker present on it. On the sticker, you will find the Username and the Password. The username and password vary depending on the router manufacturer.

Put those credentials on the suitable fields and then press Enter. In the Username field type admin. Check the password present and enter it. Both the username and the password fields are case-sensitive and so be careful while introducing them. If you enter wrong credentials, then you will be unable to log in to the router page.

Procedure 4: Change The Password

One of the many things that most of the users forget is to change the admin password as soon as you enter into the admin console because it ensures security to your router. As these credentials on your router are by default provided on the internet and are accessible to all users, therefore, it can be used to gain access to your router and hence the network.

So you need to change the default administrator password and provide something on your own. Try to give a password that is hard to guess and cannot be cracked by any third-party user. Click on the Change Admin password present in the left panel of your Window. If you have forgotten your password somehow, then you can reset it to factory defaults.

So these are the steps that you can apply to log into Verizon router.

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