csgo wagers

Betting on CS: GO

is distinguished by its diversity: who will make entry-kill, who will have an advantage in the rounds, and who will make the most frags. Let’s figure out how to bet on CS: GO.

Professional CS: GO tournaments are always very popular. And not only for the fans of the game, but also for people who are only remotely familiar with this FPS. From the side of Counter-Strike it seems like a simple shooter where you need to plant a bomb or successfully protect the plant from the enemy. The logic of the players and their strategies can most often be easily understood by everyone. In addition, events during the match develop very rapidly and dynamically.

Watching big CS: GO tournaments is always very exciting. But if you add a bit of sharpness to watching matches by putting money on the result of one of the fights, the game will immediately become more exciting onĀ csgo wagers

csgo wagers

Types of bets on CS: GO

As we said, the essence of CS: GO is simple. Two teams of 5 people fight each other on several maps. A standard match lasts 16 rounds: 8 for terrorists and counter-terrorists. There are different formats of tournaments, but most often playoff matches are up to 2 wins (bo3), and the grand finals are up to 3 wins (bo5).

The simplest type of bet is on the winning team. You can choose the strongest team over the entire distance or choose for each card separately. Depending on the platform on which you will bet, additional options may appear:

Will there be an ace in the match?
Who will make entry frag first?
Will there be extra rounds?
Which team will pick up the per rounds?
Who will be the winner of IEM Katowice 2019?